Three Things Your Site Should Have to Make an Impression

Possible website visitors will make a decision to either visit your site or go somewhere else in just seconds. Although things such as reviews, a high-quality blog, and testimonials contribute to a site’s credibility, a first impression is based on things users can take in right away. To make sure your site makes an impression, Call MediaOne for website designing. Also, make sure you have the following in place:


Your site needs to have an HTTPs data transmission protocol to be secure. It makes it more likely for visitors to visit your site as it tells them you have the extra layer of encryption that protects their personal information from being misused or stolen.


Visitors will only wait up to three seconds for a site to load before they click the back button. If your site does not load fast, then you are losing visitors who could be paying visitors later.


A lot of web traffic comes from mobile devices. This means the majority of site visitors will look at your site on a device smaller than a computer monitor. Having a responsive website means your site content appears as clearly on a small screen as it adjust its styling based on the device’s screen.

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