What are the latest online marketing trends you must know about in Singapore?

The Singaporean online marketing trends are shifting drastically like the rest of the world. Without stepping into the shoes of the changing trends, luring traffic will be impossible so as the expectations of a standard conversion rate. MediaOne can help you understand the importance of the latest marketing trends and how the SEO services they must initiate for retaining your glorious ranking at the SERPs.

With the changing priorities of Google and the users of course, the online marketing professionals have also come up with better methods to lure traffic and maintain the organic flow by ensuring them better UX.

Let’s explore some of the latest online marketing trends in Singapore—

Influencer marketing

People are tired of the traditional advertisings. Thus, the influencer marketing is supporting brands to develop their brand value. Through YouTube videos and social media posts, the influencers are influencing billions of people globally. This is creating better impact than the conventional advertisings by reaching out to more targets.

Mobile Accessibility increased

You have to target the smartphone users are you want a higher ranking at the SERPs. For that, increasing the user-experience should be your priority. It begins with a chic user interface allowing users to use the mobile website without smoothly. Eradicate canonical and 404 errors. Make sure the speed of the website is superfast and all content is visible on whichever screen-size they’re using.

The incorporation of 24/7 chat support or what you call chatbots is also trending. With a live chat support, both the Conversion Rate and the UX is increased.

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